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Shopper Insights Retail to Shopper Communication 2023/2024

Retail is replacing print-supported communication with digital channels because printed measures are considered cost-intensive and environmentally burdensome by retail companies.

On the other hand, nearly 80% of consumers still utilize printed flyers containing the latest offers from the stores where they shop.*

  • How crucial is print advertising for brand and product category communication, and where does digital communication make more sense in terms of effectiveness and efficiency?
  • What do flyer users do if there are no printed flyers from their grocery store/pharmacy anymore?

The mafowerk Trend Evaluation Shopper Insights “Retail Communication 2023: Digital, Print, or Hybrid?” examines current attitudes, usage patterns, and shopping habits with the central question: How can product offers and product categories best enter the shopper’s “relevant set”? This is explored both presently and in comparison to the previous year.



* Source: mafowerk Shopper Insights Retail Communication 2022

Image: © Shutterstock / KYNA STUDIO

The goal of the study is to examine the shopping and information behavior of grocery retail shoppers.

Publication: 01/2024
Industry: Food
Type: Shopper Insights
Region/Language: Germany/German
(This study is also available in English upon request.)


The results of the Shopper Insights Retail Communication 2023/2024 are available for order at your convenience through mafowerk. The results are ready and can be delivered within two business days after placing your order.

The fee for the current study is: 3,900 euros (net plus VAT).

The fee for the Shopper Insights 2023/2024, inclusive of comparative data from 2022, amounts to: 4,900 euros (net plus VAT).

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Delivery of the complete study results in electronic pptx format in German, including comprehensive interpretations of the findings. Personal results presentation is optional (at an additional cost). The terms and conditions of mafowerk GmbH can be found at:

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Shopper Insights Retail to Shopper Communication 2023/2024

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