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Consumer Insights Ready Meals – Convenience Food 2024

Ready meals are an integral part of many consumers’ hectic lifestyles. For an increasing number of people, they have become a viable alternative to cafeteria lunches or dining out. Additionally, they provide a quick and affordable option for a warm evening meal compared to eating out.*

However, ready-made products are expected not only to save time and taste good but also to be of high quality and sustainability – aligning with the principles of mindful eating.

  • What are the current consumer habits regarding the consumption of ready meals, and how are they evolving?
  • What are the preferences and expectations of consumers?
  • What alternatives to ready meals are available from the consumers’ perspective?
  • How attractive are different concepts such as Superfresh, Veggie, and regional or sustainable concepts?

The mafowerk Trend Evaluation “Consumer Insights Ready Meals – Convenience Food 2024” currently illustrates consumers’ attitudes and potentials regarding ready meals. We assess these potentials and identify target groups. mafowerk’s Trend Evaluation demonstrates the influence and impact of the three key factors “POS – Product – Consumer” and examines developments in long-term comparison to 2020 and 2018. This knowledge is invaluable for your decision-making processes.

Our studies can be provided in English upon request. For additional details, please reach out to us.

* Source: Lebensmittelrundschau, November 2023
Image: © fotolia / Maksim Kostenko

The aim of the study is to examine the usage and purchasing behavior of ready meals.


Publication: 04/2024
Industry: Food
Type: Consumer Insights
Region/Language: Germany/German
(This study is also available in English upon request.)

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The results of the Consumer Insights Ready Meals – Convenience Food 2024 can be ordered from mafowerk at any time. The results are available and can be delivered within two business days after ordering.

The fee for the current study is: 3,900 euros (net plus VAT).

The fee for the current Consumer Insights 2024, including the comparative data from Consumer Insights 2018 and 2020, is: 4,900 euros (net plus VAT).

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