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Consumer Insights Cheese Counter 2024

A wide and deep fresh assortment is one of the most important differentiation factors for supermarkets compared to discounters. Deli counters make the quality, variety, and expertise of the product offering visible and tangible, and they drive foot traffic for retailers. The counter: an important touchpoint for personal interaction with customers.

  • What are consumer habits when buying cheese at the deli counter?
  • What are the purchasing motivators and barriers?
  • Why do they buy and why not?
  • What are consumer preferences and expectations?
  • What changes are there in consumer attitudes?

With the Trend Evaluation Consumer Insights “Deli Cheese Counter 2024,” mafowerk has examined these developments – current and compared to previous years 2016/2018/2020/2022.

For successful further marketing and development in the cheese category at the deli counter.


Image: © Fotolia / contrastwerkstatt

The aim of the study is to examine attitudes and purchasing behavior regarding cheese at the deli counter.

Publication: 05/2024
Industry: Dairy products
Type: Consumer Insights
Region/Language: Germany/German
(This study is also available in English upon request.)


You can always order the results of the Consumer Insights – Deli Cheese Counter 2024 from mafowerk. The results are available and can be delivered within two business days after ordering.

The fee for the current study is: 4,100 euros (net plus VAT).

The fee for the current Consumer Insights 2024, including comparative data from the Consumer Insights of 2016, 2018, and 2022, is: 4,900 euros (net plus VAT).

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Delivery of the complete study results in electronic pptx format in German, including comprehensive interpretations of the findings. Personal results presentation is optional (at an additional cost). The terms and conditions of mafowerk GmbH can be found at:

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Consumer Insights Cheese Counter 2024

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