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mafowerk is an independent market research consulting firm

We specialise in sales & marketing and strategy. We develop solutions for well-known companies in the consumer goods and trade industries.

mafowerk stands for

in-depth knowledge of different markets and target groups. We believe it is very important to understand our clients’ range of products and the categories their products belong to. We have several years’ experience in various markets and product groups.

mafowerk comprises

POS experts with many years of expertise in the German retail environment and FMCG markets. We are well-acquainted with the mechanics of Point of Sale and the challenges faced by successful product ranges and the presentation of goods. So we can offer detailed and practical advice about possible optimisation potential.

mafowerk offers

a combination of marketing and market research expertise and in-depth market knowledge. We believe having detailed knowledge marketing issues makes market research more effective.

These skills and abilities are the source of mafowerk’s capacity for power and innovation. They form the basis of the high demands we place on our performance.

mafowerk provides

neither universal “nice-to-knows” nor funny industry stories. We take a stance and develop workable solutions.

Our ways of thinking and acting are based on the following principles:

  • Client-oriented and problem-oriented advice, research and analysis
  • Dependable collaboration
  • Results and reliability of findings
  • Quality assurance from skills, experience and an intellectual approach

More than 40 years of market experience

The mafowerk management team have over 40 years of market experience between them.

mafowerk’s co-founders Heiko Leipold and Peter Mahn have been working in market research and offering advice to well-known national and international clients in the consumer goods industry for two decades. They specialise in retail and POS analytics, as well as consumer and shopper insights.

Peter Mahn

studied Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Nuremberg.

After completing his studies, he began his career at the renowned market research institute GfK in Nuremberg, where he worked in test market research (controlled market tests) and quantitative ad hoc projects. He then worked for a Swiss software consulting firm, where he was the Project Manager for a business software company in Lucerne, before joining the market research company Information Resources in 1997 as Director of Client Solutions.
In 2011 he founded mafowerk GmbH together with Heiko Leipold.

Peter Mahn has over 20 years’ experience in client consulting and market research in the consumer goods industry. He specialises in retail tracking, POS and promotion analytics, shopper insights and innovation management.

Heiko Leipold

studied Marketing and Controlling/Budgeting at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

He began his career in marketing consultancy and market research at the G&I Research Foundation for Marketing and then moved on to work in retail research at the market research institute GfK.

After moving to IRI Information Resources he spent several years working as the European Account Director for international consumer goods companies, helping them to achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

Heiko Leipold has over 21 years’ experience in marketing and sales consultancy in the consumer goods industry.

He specialises in product policy, innovation management, category management / trade marketing and innovation management.

What our clients say about us

The presentation of results was clearly structured and easy to understand. The comments and interpretations were succinct and informative, so we could come up with concrete measures to implement from the results of the study. The punctuality of delivery and outstanding active communication during the project were also impressive – it would be great if all companies worked like that.-
The mafowerk study was very good and gave us some interesting insights. The results were very well processed, brilliantly visualised and came with statements that were clear and easy to understand. We can definitely recommend mafowerk.-
I can only give you top marks, by which I mean that I found the study and your work very helpful and valuable. Our management team will discuss the results of the study to decide on our next steps.-
Die Studie war topaktuell und hat uns die Info geboten, die wir gesucht und benötigt haben. Mithilfe dieser Studie können wir für unsere Arbeit Schlüsse ziehen und haben ein besseres Bild von unseren Konsumenten bekommen.- LIFEBRANDS Natural Food GmbH

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to give our clients clear decision-making advice. The results of mafowerk studies therefore always contain the following components:

  • Essential key statements
  • Meaningful interpretations of results, findings and insights

EA particular concern of ours is the quality of graphical representation, because even the best solutions can only be understood and consequently adopted if they have been clearly presented first. We therefore strive to represent data in a vivid way that speaks for itself.

Our clients’ feedback is proof of our promises: after every commission we provide our clients with a customer satisfaction questionnaire and we have achieved above-average scores across the board.

Overall satisfaction with mafowerk studies

Very good63%
91% of our clients rate mafowerk studies as very good or good!91%

Would you recommend mafowerk to others?

Yes, definitely72%
I would be very likely to23%
95% of our clients would definitely recommend or be very likely to recommend mafowerk!95%


Not all markets are the same – every market has its own rules. We know this from experience.

Our industry expertise and knowledge of product groups is wide-ranging, with a particular focus on:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Organic products
  • Human food
  • Body care / cosmetics
  • Dairy products
  • Non-food items
  • OTC / nutritional supplements / health
  • Paper / hygiene
  • Pet food
  • Confectionery
  • Washing and cleaning products