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mafowerk 3-phase model

Trend Evaluation – Fit for Market – Workout

The mafowerk 3-phase model offers solutions for the entire lifecycle of a product.

Always up-to-date – knowing what’s achievable.

mafowerk Trend Evaluation

Consumer and Shopper Insights

mafowerk Trend Evaluation studies offer significant insights into consumer attitudes, habits and readiness to buy.
These studies serve as points of reference as to whether or not a trend is really sustainable, what needs to be taken into account when targeting customers, how products or services need to be placed at the POS – and where.

mafowerk Trend Evaluation Consumer and Shopper Insights studies have been designed to be “ready to use” – they offer can offer product managers, trade marketing managers, category managers and key account managers clear and practical decision-making advice with regard to the respective trend and its sustainability.

mafowerk Consumer and Shopper Insights

Usage & Attitude Studies

mafowerk Trend Evaluation Usage & Attitude studies provide considerable insights into how your product group works.
You generate approaches for optimising existing products and receive possibilities and suggestions for new products.

You also gain detailed knowledge about the perception and image of your brands and your competitors, their positioning in the market, and the relevance of certain sales, distribution and information channels.

mafowerk Usage & Attitude studies provide answers to the most important questions of usage and purchase of your products.

mafowerk Usage & Attitude Studies

mafowerk Fit for Market

Consumer Fast Response

The time delay caused by conventional instruments means that analyses are often overtaken by reality, so there’s no way of counteracting problems. The frequent result is being de-listed by trading partners.

mafowerk Consumer Fast Response delivers results during the first 4-6 weeks after a launch, with answers to the questions of “Why (has a product been bought)?” and “Why not?”.

mafowerk Consumer Fast Response surveys the “buyers” and “non-buyers” of the new product directly on the product group shelf.

mafowerk Consumer Fast Response

Explorer for foreign businesses

The mafowerk Fit for Market Explorer Service is aimed at foreign consumer goods companies who want to enter the German market or expand their presence in the market.

With 80 million residents, Germany is the largest consumer goods market in Europe – with a market potential of 150 billion Euros in the FMCG market alone. These volumes are also of considerable interest to foreign companies; however the German market is one of the toughest in the world to crack. Trying to break into the German market without detailed knowledge of its conditions is fraught with risks, which is why it’s necessary to have German market experts draw up a detailed and professional plan beforehand.

mafowerk Explorer

mafowerk Workout

Sustainability barometer

The mafowerk sustainability barometer offers trade and industry the possibility to calculate a sustainability score for your business and brand and compare yourselves with your competitors

The mafowerk sustainability barometer reveals the status of sustainability skills, optimisation potential and changes over time.

Regular use allows the impact of new company measures on the brand to be measured and provides a valuable indication of the success of a company’s sustainable development policy in the areas of ecological, economic, social and communicative sustainability.

mafowerk sustainability barometer

POS-Promotion Awareness Panel (PAP)

The most important prerequisite for a successful POS promotion is – in addition to sufficient distribution – for consumers to take notice of it and also recognise it as such.

How often and to what extent this is the case can be shown by the mafowerk POS Promotion Awareness Panel.

mafowerk POS

Market research is more than numbers, diagrams and colourful pictures –

It’s the sales of tomorrow.